Andreya Triana


From Andreya:

“The inspiration for the title ‘Branches Of Life’ came from visually seeing what lungs looked like at the Gordon Museum. It really reminded me of a tree and its branches I also felt this symbolised life and the family trees.

To create the track I worked with an incredible producer called Hannah V. We took inspiration from me going in to theatre at UCLH and seeing someone have surgery on their lungs. It was a very powerful experience and the story of the song is about the lady who underwent the surgery. It talks about her first being conscious, going under, waking up and wanting to heal.

Sonically I wanted the track to have a feeling of space and air which gradually builds through the song. We took inspiration from the sounds of the surgery – we used the beep of the life support machine, we used breaths to help form the beat and Hannah also revered every other chord to symbolise an inhale and exhale.”