Goldie chose the brain – fascinated by the area known as the limbic system which is the ‘old’ brain, and the home of memory and sensory functions. His journey began in the Gordon Museum of Pathology. Dr William Edwards showed him brains in various stages from ‘normal’ to severely damaged by illness or accident; some with tumours, some scarred; one cross section clearly showing the path of a deadly bullet.

Goldie discussed brain formation, emotional development, belief and memory with Neuroscientist and Director of King’s Science Gallery, Dr Daniel Glaser.

With Dr Hannah Pincham at the Anna Freud Centre, he had a type of brain scan which is currently being developed to determine the effects of trauma on young people’s brains, and an important tool in the work of Kids Company.


“As a very young kid , I look back and wonder how I ever made it out of where I was. It’s only now I realise as a man the trauma I had been through, and yet, the beauty of being creative, wanting to become ‘somebody’, and finding out about the limbic system and where it sits in my brain….it’s the same place where our fear lies…”