Bat For Lashes


Fascinated by the life saving properties of touch to our wellbeing and development as children, Natasha chose the skin.

She explored diseased skin at the Gordon Museum of Pathology with experts, Dr Laura Casey and Dr Ian Proctor.

With Professor Fiona Watt, Director of the King’s Centre for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, she discovered that skin cells are highly regenerative, moving through the dermis to the outer layer, dying and being remade at high speed.

With Dr Fiona Jeffries, psychologist at the Dermatology Department at Great Ormond Street Hospital, she considered the psychological impact of limited touch, particularly for children who suffer from skin conditions which cause altered skin appearance.


“The song is from the perspective of an old lady looking back on her life through thoughts of the history in her skin.

We laid out initial parts by following a diagram of a cross section of the layers of skin. Some synths were a hair or the skin cells that sit like bricks, and we used a heart beat pulse for the beat, and electronic sounds for nerve endings.

I also used my skin as percussion that was turned up in volume so you can hear it!”